The purpose of the Academic Administrative Committee is to look after the academic affairs of the Institute and make recommendations to the institute’s administration about academic progress and planned priorities.

The role of the committee:

  • Manages day-to-day academic affairs like student attendance, Time-Table, discipline.
  • Monitoring that the institution’s academic programs are appropriate for its students.
  • Ensure that the academic quality issues remain a top priority of the institution.
  • Regular feed backs from students and faculties to assure quality education.
  • Bridging the gap between the students and the Administration/ faculty members.
  • Intimate the administration regarding required facilities for Academics such as books, journals, chemicals, instruments, equipments, glassware etc.
Members of the committee AAC Designation of Member
Mrs. Ruchi Gupta Academic Incharge (B.Pharm)
Mrs. Arti J Majumdar Academic Incharge (M.Pharm)
Ms. Priya Mourya Semester Incharge- B.Pharm VII sem.
Mrs. Neelima Salvi Semester Incharge- B.Pharm V sem.
Ms. Namrata Rathore Semester Incharge- B.Pharm III sem.
Mr. Ankit Mangal & Ms. Vishakha Chauhan Semester Incharge- B.Pharm I sem.
Mr. Anindya Goswami Examination Incharge
Email ID: academics@scopeindore.info